A Gentleman’s Guide

Engrave your wedding ring

Knowing how daunting the idea of getting engaged is, we have put together a collection of old and new tips along the way to ensure a fond memory of your engagement.

Unsure of the right design?

At Jack Friedman we will support you. Our design background and experience narrow down the perfect style that will suit your partner and your lifestyle when crafting your engagement ring. We will create that special memory you will never forget. By looking at your partner’s current jewellery lying on the dressing table you may get a subtle hint of their style.

Edwardian Diamond Ring Sketch

Set a budget

We recommend that you set a budget before you start shopping for the engagement ring you want to spoil your lady to – not as a limitation, but as a guideline to yourself to narrow down the options in design and diamonds.

Jack and Kay Friedman Gentlemans Guide

Be prepared

Although you know what her heart desires and you think you know exactly what you will say in the moment, write it down. Prepare what you want to do and exactly what you want to say and say it out loud a couple of times. This way you will come across as confident as the man she always dreamt of spending her life with.

Jack Friedman lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Your engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the few things that you will treasure forever. Jack Friedman engagement rings and fine jewellery come with a lifetime warranty of authenticity and a complimentary first rhodium plating on your white gold ring. We encourage you to visit your nearest store often for a free ultrasonic clean of your jewellery as our goal is to keep your ring looking as amazing as the day you left our store.

Edwardian Engagement Ring



Jack Friedman Jewellers was established by the late Jack Friedman in 1933. Today the third generation continues the proud tradition. The business today is still in the loving hands of the original family.

Jack’s grandson Howard continues the highest standard of craftsmanship and design taught to them by his grandfather.

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