Different Garnet Gemstones

The Garnet

All those lucky enough to be in their second year of marriage or born in January have a wonderful stone to celebrate with. The Garnet. The Garnet is the birthstone for January, which means that January babies have wonderful colours of Garnet to choose from! It is also the 2nd Anniversary Gemstone to celebrate the two

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Jack Friedman Logo With Several Tanzanite gemstones

The Tanzanite

The Tanzanite Gemstone ‘’ The unattainable romantic lure of gemstones. ‘’   Fast Facts 3 colours Tilt The Tanzanite in different directions of light and you’ll see three distinct colours as you graduate through the directions. Depleting soon The mine source is estimated to be depleted in the next 30 years (as from 2013) One Source Only A single

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Topaz Stones

Three Shades of Blue

3 Shades of Blue Did you know that the Blue Topaz comes in three exquisite shades of blue? Sky Blue – London Blue – Swiss Blue What are these three shades of blue? Although they are all blue, they are definitely not the same. In fact, to the eye they could be identified as completely

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Miss South Africa Daisies of Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

The Daisies of Africa

The Daisies of Africa Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters will be taking a piece of South African jewellery as the National Gift to the Miss Universe 2017. This year the gift will represent the best of South African natural resources. *click arrow to expand* *open image in new tab to enlarge*   Our Inspiration –

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A gift that counts

A lovely fine collection of bracelets that is perfect for a gift or even just to spoil yourself with. The rose and yellow gold fine bracelet with disc and flower or heart motive punched out holds a small diamond to round off the look.  This bracelet is a perfect gift for so many occasions. Lovely

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Choosing Your Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring offers a lot of options for creating the big diamond look we all love as well as personalizing your engagement ring. If you want to make a splash with a small budget, the halo engagement ring is a brilliant option as this setting literally makes your diamond look as much as

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engagement couple with ring

Help Me Choose My Engagement Ring

Classic or unconventional? After considering the four Cs – the colour, cut, clarity and carat – of the stone you choose, there are still several things to think about when choosing your engagement ring.  It’s a question that faces all brides-to-be, and is never more pressing than when choosing (or subtly hinting at) one’s engagement

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Jack Friedman Enhle Crown

The creative thinking behind the Miss South Africa Enhle Crown

As a main feature we used the infinity sign to symbolize the enormity and ongoing nature of her roll as Miss South Africa. The three main stones are Sugilite also called Luvulite (sold as the stone of love) This gorgeous stone is mostly purple and most often associated with royalty.  The deposits of this unique

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Ethiopian Opals

The October birthstone is one of the most lustrous and radiant of gems – an ever-changing depth of fiery iridescence – ever refracting, ever reflecting, always giving wonder and delight. It is Opal. And it just might possibly be the perfect gift! Ethiopian opals are one of the most amazing stones on the market. The

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Jack Friedman Winterdrive in support of Hospice

Miss SA visited Jack Friedman jewellers in Eastgate shopping center in support of the Winter Warmer Drive helping Hospice Wits to continue with their essential care and support to the community. Howard Fevrier handed over 6 large boxes of much needed clothes. Jack Friedman together with Miss SA, Ntandoyekosi Kunene are thrilled to join Hospice Wits in their ongoing

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Jack Friedman produces Anglo American PlatAfrica superstar

OLIVER ERNEST GREEN – 3 TIME PLAT AFRICA AWARD WINNER The theme for the 2013 entrees were “tales and fables” .  Oliver says that “the first thing coming to mind when reading that were elves, pixies, wings and beautiful, magical flowers.” The dome in the centre represents a well of the human imagination where dreams,

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Palesa Ring for Rolene Strauss Crown Birthday

Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa 2014, a paragon of beauty meeting intelligence. The Palesa crown that is adorning Rolene’s head this year was designed and manufactured by Jack Friedman Jewellers from platinum mined and supplied by Anglo American Platinum. Rolene visited the bespoke Jack Friedman on the 22nd of April  – the day she turned

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