What is the Jack Friedman difference?


Diamond Grading

It is important to have a comprehensive background and knowledge of diamond grading, purity, colour and proportions as this will assist you in making the best investment for your spend.

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Tanzanite Grading

To the untrained eye the tone and saturation of a tanzanite is very difficult to judge. By buying from Jack Friedman, you are buying from a reliable and reputable source with educated staff, ensuring that you are getting the quality and colour you are looking for.

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Secrets of the Hand

We have put together a lovely guide to show which options of rings you should consider, taking into consideration how all of us have different built and therefore each need our own style.

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What to look for

At Jack Friedman our goal is to make sure that you will treasure your jewellery forever and we consider your purchase choice. The tickness of metal, the setting, the colour, the cut of the diamonds we supply, how the claws are formed around the stones and the certification of your jewellery is only a few very important factors we consider in delivery the best product in the world.

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