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Discover a Tanzanite jewellery collection with breath-taking designs and an unmatched deep blue hue at Jack Friedman. This brilliant gemstone needs an equally brilliant collection that allows it to flourish and fully showcase why it is so profound. Our designs ensure the Tanzanite is brilliantly displayed and set securely. The collection comes in a range of earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings (matching is optional). We also certify all our Tanzanite stones and jewellery purchased comes with a certificate clearly stating the characteristics of your new remarkable gemstone. Browse our alluring Tanzanite jewellery collection below.

Tanzanite Jewellery South Africa

Jack Friedman is known for its glamorous designs that truly showcase the talent South African jewellery designs have. Our Team ensures that every piece of jewellery created is the best piece that South Africa has to offer, therefore, we can truly say that we have the best Tanzanite jewellery collection in South Africa.

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Make the ring of your dreams a reality. You decide everything from the intricate designs to the engraving inscriptions of the ring and everything in between. Our process is made to ensure that your unique vision becomes a physical representation.

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