Help Me Choose My Engagement Ring

engagement couple with ring

Classic or unconventional? After considering the four Cs – the colour, cut, clarity and carat – of the stone you choose, there are still several things to think about when choosing your engagement ring.  It’s a question that faces all brides-to-be, and is never more pressing than when choosing (or subtly hinting at) one’s engagement ring. Jack Friedman understands the  uniqueness of every woman and offers the best engagement rings that will do the talking for you!

Traditionally round cut diamonds still exert timeless appeal.


The Kay Engagement Ring

The Kay diamond engagement ring is named after Jack Friedman’s wife Kay who encouraged and supported his dreams.  Their grandson, Howard, celebrates their love in the design of this exquisite solitaire engagement ring.  The Kay diamond engagement ring that is manufactured in South Africa is without a doubt one of the finest solitaires in the world. This design allows for a matching wedding band set with or without diamonds. The setting is versatile and allows between 0.25ct – 2ct center diamond.



La Mer Engagement Ring

Who could tire of the 3 stone La Mer that is a gorgeously sensual design inspired by the waves of the ocean. The seamless u-shaped claw design allows the flow of light to travel through the diamonds, and is symbolic of how your love has no beginning or end. The trio of diamonds also represents the past, present and future.


Round Halo Engagement Ring

A center diamond looks enormous in a halo setting. And a quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look, by some estimates, as much as a half a carat larger. Jack Friedman has a wide variety of different halo styles if the classic halo engagement ring isn’t quite “it” for you. Putting together a personalised halo ring is all about the details and your style.

Whether you know your pavé from your facets or not, Jack Friedman will help you choose your perfect engagement ring.

Do an internet enquiry or contact one of the shops directly to make your appointment and be spoilt with the variety of choice combined with the best quality since 1933!