The Tanzanite

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The Tanzanite Gemstone

‘’ The unattainable romantic lure of gemstones. ‘’


Fast Facts

  • 3 colours
    Tilt The Tanzanite in different directions of light and you’ll see three distinct colours as you graduate through the directions.
  • Depleting soon
    The mine source is estimated to be depleted in the next 30 years (as from 2013)
  • One Source Only
    A single mine in the worlds produces all the Tanzanite. That source – the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania. Eastern Africa.
  • 1967
    Maasai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu is credited with discovering the first Tanzanite crystal.


‘’ You never regret what you will find… behold the gem I have inside. So many dreams to dream together. You are the one who can make me shine. Let me be your Tanzanite.
~song by Yvonne Sangudiax ‘’


1000 times more rarer than diamonds and what would later be revealed to be the worlds most rarest Gem, At the base of the Great Mount Kilimajaro located in East Africa Tanzania lie – The Tanzanite.
A Jewel only relatively recently discovered but perfected by mother nature a few hundred years ago.


About the Tanzanite 

Only Sourced in a 4km wide piece of land the Tanzanite is an extremely rare Gemstone, The Tanzanite cannot be mined anywhere else in the world.

This Gem unique to the African Continent is a tourist favourite as they can truly state that they own something uniquely African due to the above statement.

In addition to its rarity Geologist state it’s first time owners in our generation will be the the last of the first time owners of this Gem. Reason being, its mine source will be depleted in the next 30 years (as from 2013). This has given it the nickname ‘’One generation gemstone’’.


Tanzanites possess very intense colour and depth.
A very rich in blue-to-violet hues and when seen through light is exceptionally beautiful. One could get lost in close observation of the Gem.
This already magnificent stone when set in jewellery yields pieces that are alluring and exquisite.

Tanzanite also yields different colours when viewed in through different light sources and angles. A pleochroic gem, as it scientifically is called.

Because of the the light source it is important cutting this piece in very precise ways. The setting on jewellery there after is then a crucial element to prevent the restriction of its ravishing potential.
The greatest jewellers possess the ability to design and magnify the stone within a piece of jewellery and actually enhances its already natural appeal.


Merelani located in Tanzania Eastern Africa had been set ablaze by a bolt of lighting that had struck the ground. The blanket of grass covering the hills in Merelani had been removed and revealed a cluster of shiny precious stones, intense with a deep blue purple colour and had been formed hundreds of years ago.

These stones, stumbled upon by a local Maasai tribesman named Ali Juuyawat in 1976 had discovered the worlds rarest and most precious gem .

Their popularity, skyrocketed.

The exotic Tanzanite is only found in only one place on earth, the base of Great mount kilimajaro.

It was named in honor of it’s birth location Tanzania.

How valuable are they?
The more vivid the colour the more sought after the Tanzanite stone will be. This statement also applies to most other Gemstones.

Stones over 5 carats have a higher colour saturation that those less than 5 carats.


Tanzanite Gemstone Mytholog.

The Tanzanias Maasai woman receive the Topaz Gemstone as a gift whenever they go through child birth. Legend states that this bestows their children with a life full of health, success and calamity.

It is said that ancient Celtic chiefs used Tanzanite gemstones in the process of defining the next tribal leaders. It assists in self-exploration.

Adhering to this, This December, a Tanzanite piece of jewlellery is perfect for gifting. A world of symbolism behind it ensures additional admiration because of the thought put in.
Whether spoiling yourself , or spoiling someone else.

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